Mulut Ramos Horta!!

Ramos Horta mengatakan Indonesia akan menjadi sasaran para hacker yang pro kemerdekaan Timor-Timur:

More than 100 computer wizards, mostly teenagers in Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Brazil, the US and Canada, are preparing their own battle plan. They are targeting the entire computer network of the Indonesian government, army, banking and finance institutions to create chaos. A dozen special viruses are being designed to infect the Indonesian electronic-communications system, including aviation.

One computer wizard recently told me: “We will terminate their banking system. We will invade their sites and destroy them. People will be scared to travel to Indonesia when they know that we are also infecting their air communications. We will cause them to lose hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Padahal kata Xanana Gusmao, Ramos Horta itu ngerti apa soal komputer:

“Asked whether he agreed with [Ramos-Horta] that hundreds of computer hackers would seek to disrupt Indonesia’s banking, airline and other vital computer systems should the ballot not be fair, [imprisoned resistance leader Jose “Xanana”] Gusmao threw up his hands, saying he had spent 18 years in the jungle and seven in jail, so he knew nothing about computers.”



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